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Can Man Comes Home

The North Pontotoc Schools raised a total of 11,816 cans during the annual Can Drive. 


North Pontotoc Elementary brought in 6,729 cans to be donated to the

Pontotoc County Food Pantry! 

WTVA debut  

Individual Class winners recieved a popcicle party:

Kindergarten - Mrs. Angie's Class (544 cans)

1st Grade - Mrs. Selena's Class (626 cans)

2nd Grade - Mrs. Heather Parman's Class (192 cans)

3rd Grade - Mrs. Pam Simmon's Class (522 cans)

4th Grade - Mrs. Amanda Little's Class (323 cans)


Overall Winner for NPE recieved a breakfast party:

Mrs. Selena McGregor's Class


Overall Grade Winner:

1st Grade



Principal Terri Smith is pictured with 1st Grade representative, Raelyn Young, who proudly welcomes Can Man back to NPE from her mother,

Principal Libby Young from North Pontotoc Upper Elementary! 


Great Job Little Vikings!