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ActiveParent is now "active" 😊

Parents and Guardians:
The ActiveParent website is now set up for you to register and request access to your child/student. Once you access the site at the link below, you will need to do the following:
1) Create an account in ActiveParent. Your password will need to contain at least 1 special character.
2) Once you create your account, you can then log in and request access to your child/student (multiple children can be added). You will see a small "Request Student" tab underneath your name and account information. Click that tab. In order to request access to your child/student in ActiveParent, you will need to know your child's grade level, school, and birth date. If your request was successful, you will then see a record of the request in the "Requested Students" section.
3) It may take a few days for access to be granted, as this has to be manually approved. We truly appreciate you and hope you find the ActiveParent website accessible and informative.
Click here to sign up for ActiveParent and access your child/student's grades, attendance, and more!