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Interested in becoming a substitute?

If you are interested in serving as a substitute teacher for PCSD, please go online by clicking the following link and completing an application:
To complete the application process, you will also need to have a recommendation from one of the school principals where you wish to serve. You can simply call the principal at the school(s) where you would like to work and mention to them that you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher. He or she will provide you with further instructions/details. Please note: You may choose to serve at only one school or multiple schools.
Our school phone numbers are listed below:
NPE: 662-489-5613
NPUE: 662-489-2295
NPM: 662-489-2479
NPH: 662-489-5612
SPE: 662-489-5941
SPM: 662-489-3476
SPH: 662-489-5925
CC: 662-489-1826
Thanks so much!