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  • Sweets and Sweat

    Posted by Brandon Murphree on 12/5/2018

    That sounds gross, right?!?! Hear me out though! Christmas break is upon us and all we can think about are those delicious meals and the candy, oh my goodness THE CANDY, but what we aren't thinking about is all the sugar that is in these things we love. Not to mention sodium levels that are a lot of times through th roof!!

    So, what do I, Mr. B, propose??? Well I'm not telling you not to enjoy those candy canes, white chocolate pretzels, no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, Christmas cookies, hot chocolate with marshmallows, gingerbread men and women :), pecan pie, ham, turkey, sweet tea.........I'm getting hungry. Where was I going with this?! Lol!

    We can enjoy those things, but let's do it in moderation. Portion control! With a limited amount of these sweet and salty foods we enjoy at the holiday season spread out over time, our body is not severely impacted and is less likely to respond with ridiculous weight gain or even stir up health issues already present.

    This impact of sweets is cut way down when we not only control the amount of intake, but combine this plan of action with exercise! That's right! Heyyyyyy, I know its not pleasant for the moment, but you will thank me later :). Children need 60 minutes a day and adults can actually squeak by with 30 minutes a day.

    So let's get it over Christmas break! Portion control and exercise. According to the Royal Society of Public Health that chocolate candy bar you like so much, it's going to take you 22 minutes of running at a pace of 5mph or higher to burn off that 229 calories. Is it worth it???

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