Mrs. Crystal Matthews

  • In Elementary Art this year, we will be learning about artists from all over the world while using a variety of materials to complete various art projects.  Art engages our senses, helps with developmental skills, and increases attention spans, as well as a multitude of other benefits.  My goal is to harness your child's creativity, by giving them a chance to express theirselves through art, all while creating positive, life-long memories.    

     The Importance of Art in Child Development

    Below, you will see a gallery of artwork created by students at NPES!  

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up next
  • In our upcoming unit, students will explore cave art.   We will specifically talk about the Lascaux Caves of France.  Science and Social Studies will be heavily integrated. Follow the link below to take a virtual tour of Lascaux Caves.  Making connections at home to things relevant at school will help your child succeed!