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Proofs of Residency Required

  • The following proofs of residency will be accepted:

    Homeowners and renters--2 proofs of residency:

    • Filed homestead exemption application form
    • Mortgage Documents or Property deed
    • Apartment or home lease
    • Utility bill (only one can be used and must be dated within last 60 days)
    • Driver's license
    • Voter ID card (must be dated within last 60 days)
    • Automobile registration (must be dated within last 60 days)

    Legal guardians who do not own or rent their homes and live with someone else--5 proofs of residency required:

    • Affidavit provided by the PCSD
    • Two proofs of residency from the person who owns or rents the residency
    • Two documents of proof from the person staying at the residency (parent/legal guardian)--must show an address which is the same as the person signing the affidavit that rents or owns the residency

    Proofs are due by August 25th.