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    Welcome to the Alternative School for Pontotoc County School District. The Alternative Program for Discipline for Pontotoc County Schools was established in 1993 for the purpose of providing an alternative to expulsion.  It was determined that if a place could be provided for the student to continue his/her studies it would benefit both the school and the student in the long run.  This Alternative School has served over 800 students since its inception.  We operate during regular school hours and students are bused from both North and South Pontotoc daily.  We provide the core subjects for the students and have highly qualified teachers working with those students daily.  This school is a very structured environment with a student ratio of 8:1.  Counseling is provided for the students and also behavioral modification is offered.  We have a full time therapist from Region III who works daily with our students.  These are both group and individual sessions.  We do have some students that are behind in their academics and we are able to work with these students on a limited basis.  We are trying to assist in providing the very best education we can for the students of the Pontotoc County School District. Mr. Wilson Speck is the director and also a teacher, Mr. Steven Newell serves as a teacher, and  Mrs. Linda Coggins teaches Special Services.  

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