• Dear Families,

     Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! It is a great pleasure to welcome both our returning families and those who are new to our system. We are excited that you have chosen to allow us in the Pontotoc County School District to teach and care for your child. We consider it our greatest honor to serve you and your child. I cannot express the excitement from me and our staff about the upcoming opportunity we will have with you and your child to develop a community of lifelong learners that supports one another for the betterment of Pontotoc County.

    I cannot commend our administration, teachers, and maintenance staff enough for the work that they have completed this summer to make our schools better learning environments! We strive to ensure that your children have the best learning environments that are comfortable, welcoming, and conducive to student learning. To that end many hours have been spent cleaning, painting, repairing, rethinking, and reimagining to make your child’s workspace the most productive it can be.

     Summer is also a time for our faculty members to focus on their own learning – something they do not have as much time for during the school year, when the emphasis is on teaching our students. We are fortunate to have a very professional cohort of teachers and administrators within PCSD that take their own professional learning seriously and have spent their time in workshops and planning in order to increase student achievement and foster new and innovative ways to engage their students.

     August is a very exciting  time for those of us involved in education because it allows us to develop new goals, build new relationships and embark upon new challenges. Our Systemwide Goals this year highlight academic, social, and emotional learning. While improving student achievement is an important part of our mission, we know it is essential to focus on the social and emotional needs of our students as well. As parents, you can “help us help you” develop your student into the most well rounded person they can possibly be with equal attention given to their academic and social development.

     One of the most important parts of my job is to be in the schools on a regular basis connecting with teachers and students. I also look forward to engaging with parents in the coming year. Our Teacher Advisory Committee members will again join me to hold meetings each month over the course of the year to provide feedback on how we can improve our schools. We are also considering developing more advisory groups, such as a parental and student advisory group to help us better understand our district from the perspective of all of our stakeholders. We welcome the chance to both share our opportunities and challenges and to address any questions or concerns that you may have. We believe in transparency and addressing the needs of all of our stakeholders.

     Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and we excitedly look forward to a great school year, in which, we will “relentlessly pursue the exceptional”!

    Thank you,

    Dr. Brock Puckett

    Phone: 662-489-3932

    Superintendent of Pontotoc County Schools