• Pontotoc County School District provides WiFi access to staff, teachers and guest PCSD. All traffic is monitored and recorded. App usage is also tracked. Usage requires that a security certificate is installed on your device - see below for instructions on how to install the security certificate.

    Connection Instructions

    1. Connect to WiFi SSID: PCSD-BYOD Key: byod-online
    2. If you have not installed the certificate, follow the instructions below for your specific device. This only needs to be installed once on each device.
    3. You will also be prompted to sign in with your @pcsd.ms account in a browser.

     Android Devices (phones and tablets) - please note - you must have a screen pattern lock or password on your device to be able to do this.

    1. Download the certificate from here. Open with defaults.
    2. At the Name the certificate screen give the certificate a name (whatever you like) and press the OK button.

    iOS Devices (ipad/iphone)

    1. Download the certificate here within Safari.
    2. Click on the downloaded file and press the Install button.
    3. You will be prompted with a warning message that says, "Installing this profile will change settings on your iPad." Press the Install Now button.
    4. You can exit this screen by pressing the 'Done' button in the top right-hand corner.
    5. Next, you need to turn on SSL trust for that certificate, go to Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings.
    6. Click on the toggle next to *.securly.com 

     Mac (OS-X)

    1. Download in the installer from here  (Please note: This link will take you to the installer. Once there, select "Download").
    2. Download the Securly certificate CRT file.(Link)
    3. Navigate to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access
    4. Select ‘System’ in the left-hand column.
    5. Open ‘File > Import Items’ and import the ‘securly_SHA-256.crt’ files into the ‘System’ keychain.
    6. Alternatively, you can automate the installation process via MDM by downloading the ‘OSX SSL Install Securly.zip’ file at the end of this article. The file contains a .app that would automate the process. There is also a .tar file that can be used directly on a Mac.

     Windows PC

    1. Download the installer here  (Please note: This link will take you to the installer. Once there and select "Download").
    2. Run the installer - you need admin rights on your device to do this.
    3. Chrome Browser is the only browser supported

    Windows Mobile

    1. Download the certificate here  (Please note: This link will take you to the installer. Once there select "Download").
    2. Open the certificate and follow the onscreen prompts.