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Teachers: This section includes all of the resources you will need to learn how to create shortcuts on your computer and to transfer files from your My Documents folders to either Google Drive, Dropbox, or your Desktop.

Cheat Sheets

Commonly Used Shortcuts for Teachers
Transferring Files Cheat Sheet

Video Tutorials

Creating Shortcuts Tutorial (Google Drive link)


This site will serve as the central location for various PCSD Professional Development items. Videos, presentations, documents, and user-guides will be posted here. Teachers, please check the site often, as it will assist you in implementing new ideas and technologies into your classroom.

(Teachers: click here to learn more about how Jason Varnon, PCSD Technology Facilitator, can assist you.)

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Our district has purchased Educational Impact (EI) which provides online learning and professional development for teachers and administrators.  EI has been customized for the Pontotoc County School District.  Persons may choose to participate in EI to earn CEU credit or they may be asked to view specific sections of EI based on MSTAR evaluations.
Below is a link to a video that Jason Varnon developed that explains how to access and use EI:

Educational Impact Overview


Teaching Tips and StrategiesTop of Page

Teachers: Check out the brief, but informative videos below for tips, ideas, and teaching strategies to use in your classroom!

1. "Rigor By Removal" - with Ms. Charlene Key

2. "The Flow of Writing" - with Ms. Charlene Key

3. "Keeping The Good Stuff" - with Ms. Charlene Key

Windows 7 Keyboard ShortcutsTop of Page

Click here for time-saving Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Edmodo & iPad Training ResourcesTop of Page

Teachers: A training course for Edmodo has been added to PCSD's iTunes U page. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with Edmodo and the benefits of using it. You will need an iPhone, iPad, or iTunes U on your PC/Mac to view the course material. Follow the link below for access to the course (which is totally free!)

PCSD Edmodo Training:

In addition, here is a link to the iPad Training Course on iTunes U. Please remember to check this course often, as it is updated regularly.

PCSD iPad Training:

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LearnFree.orgTop of Page

LearnFree is sponsored by the Goodwill Community Foundation.

Teachers: The technology tutorials found at the following link cover almost any topic one could be interested in learning. This site is a valuable resource that can help someone with little or no experience with technology, as well as those who would simply like to advance their technological skills. All of the lessons are free and self-paced! Please take advantage of this resource. You may want to bookmark the site, or remember that it can be found at this page.

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