Mission Statement

of the Pontotoc County School System

The MISSION of the Pontotoc County School System is to provide the opportunity for all students to be educated to the extent allowed by his/her capabilities.

The Pontotoc County School System
will provide equal opportunities for every student in academic, vocational and extracurricular areas of school.

The Pontotoc County School System
will offer a curriculum that is varied and flexible to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of individual students.

Students will be assured of having the best instructional personnel, facilities, and equipment that the school system can provide.

Required competencies will be communicated to students and will be made available to parents with the requirements needed to successfully master the competencies.

Positive values will be taught and modeled by the faculty and staff.


The PHILOSOPHY of Pontotoc County School District is that each person should be accepted into the educational program as he is, that he should be provided with a stimulating environment and opportunities for learning experiences designed to promote behavioral development that will effect continuing satisfactory adjustment to life.

In the practical application of this philosophy, opportunities shall be provided each person within the limits of his capacity:
  1. to obtain an education, considering his personal interests, abilities, and needs;
  2. to learn citizenship and democracy, emphasizing interest and participation in world and community programs;
  3. to develop emotionally, morally, and socially so that he is increasingly able to cope with life's problems;
  4. to develop a healthy body; and
  5. to develop cultural and aesthetic appreciation.